Make money from your Smartphone, iPhone or Tablet by selling images

Written By Money Tariff on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 | 10:12 AM

Becoming a professional photographer is not requires to earn money online simply from your iPhone or Smartphone or Tablet can make your bugs. Mobile users having skills in taking beautiful pictures of Nature, animals, insects, children, sunrise, sunset, rain drops, birds, visiting places, temples, or any event can fills money in your pocket.

In this article Money Tips we educate you way to converting your Smarpthone images into money, this is possible taking third-party website application on smartphone.

All you need is signup for Foap and download Foap application in your device. Take some quality pictures with your device and upload them on Foap’s market place fixing price at $10. If any users pays for 10 dollars your uploaded image the you’ll be paid 5 dollars per image.

Spend few hours by taking beautiful images from you smartphone. Imagine if you upload more images than you’ll be paid more money for single image at 5 dollars.

Don’t leave this interesting job where you can simply convert your free time to money to bag your pockets. So why’re you waiting for pick up your Smartphone and go for taking a beautiful picture to earn money online by selling images on Foap.
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How Women can earn money online sitting at home

Written By Money Tariff on Monday, June 25, 2012 | 9:05 AM

Nobody in this world says that I don't want money, for every needs money required in so many ways. If we focus on today's womens how they're moving advance when compaer with mens. They are a head in all the ways in every sector. Various of companies prefers first choice is women, because they work steadily and have good Talented skill when compare with mens.
Girsl after their studies hunt for job and atlast finds good job, but when after marriage few womens sacrifices their profitable job for sake of children and family. Few women having all abilites for sake of kids/childrens they totally dedicate their life towards managing family after their marriage.
Hey ladies no need to worry you can earn money in dollors, doubles to your regular job at sitting home itself. Don't put total pressure on your husbad you can earn money alternatively double to your husband salary per month. BlogTariff presents here wonderful ways How Girls/Housewifes/Womens can earn money sitting at home without going outside.
For better alternative income
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Make money by uploading videos on Youtube?

Written By Money Tariff on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 | 11:47 AM

Earning money on Youtube its not an easy way by simple uploading videos but its not difficult to earn money via  Youtube. If you've own video or own created video then you'll be approved to get displayed Ads on your video after successful acceptance of Google Adsense terms and policies.

Simple ways won't be simple all the ways - difficult ways won't be difficult sometimes, yes this is exactly best applicable to YouTube. Millions of people daily watch and Download Youtube videos online, at the same how many of people users (up-loaders) eaning money via Don't know a few people or the people who have original content (Video).

Based on your genuineness of video content and have more visitors views or comments makes you a better Adsense revenue. In my view Earning money via Youtube not fit to me, its just wasting of time. What i spended time on writing articles for content displaying ads i earn more money instead of YouTube. But, if've vidoes then defenetly this way better fits for you to display Google Adsense ads on your YouTube videos to earn money.
Making money via YouTube is one of their option of Google Adsense.
Let's beging how earn money via YouTube
If you've Google email account then sign into with your email user name and password. If you don't have then create it for your videos which exactly matched for your content videos
After successful sign into your YouTube account Upload your video content, type video title and description and Save the video.
Regularly check your email account where youtube communication and finds any third party matching video with your video, make necessary confirmation report to YouTube in this regard.
Patience makes so many things to be done success, do follow regulary YouTube suggestion for better rating to more visitors.
Other alternatives to earn money online.
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Easy ways to get Adsense account approval without having a website

Written By Money Tariff on Monday, June 11, 2012 | 3:26 AM

To earn money online you need monetizing website account which offers content based advertisements to display on your blog/website related to blog subject. Today Google Adsense is in number one place where no one can reach its point and beat in PPC advertising sector. Payper click programme makes you better money making alternative in by applying Google Adsense. If you’re content is genuine and sharing priceless information online Google Adsense in its way to approve your account very easily. But, remember one thing content website/blog should based on quality and non violence of Google Adsense policies and its terms and conditions.
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How to earn by uploading files online ?

Written By Money Tariff on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 | 2:20 AM

Here MoneyTariff come up with another wonderful article where you can earn money when ever you upload files online? There are positive sites which permit you to upload files to earn money. It’s an amazing alternative method of income to earn online. There is no need to put maximum efforts just uploading your files you’ll get paid. The students and Teachers/Tutors who are enjoying summer vacations they should have lots of files relating to their projects or assignments or subject related or competitive exams solved papers or book material anything which is useful to others, by sharing these file online makes you money. 
Simply by keeping income making material at your end is killing of knowledge. Spreading knowledge is more of good quality to succeed situation.
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Applying to Google Adsense before read this?

Written By Money Tariff on Saturday, May 19, 2012 | 3:12 AM

Making money online is not easy and not difficult. Every one who are maintaining blogger blog/ wordpress blog can earn money by true methods.
Google Adsense is Giant Advertiser in the Content advertising category. But, these days Google Adsense has changed their terms and conditions with Privacy policy.
Some of the guys are going to open a blog to earn money online via Google Adsense, this is not a bad idea but you have to follow certain senses to earn money online via Google Adsense.
Before you going to apply first read the Google Adsense policies carefully, whether your blog matches with Google Adsense policies.
Before Google Adsense rejects your application Check whether your blog content not voilating Google Adsense policies. for example.
  • Reproducing of Content stealing from other blog/websites
  • Not Original content
  • Illegal publishing of Mp3 and videos (Not owning of any leagal right of Mp3 and Videos)
  • Porne sites
  • Abusing content, on
If you confirmed that not violating any type of Google Adsense policies, then cheerup you are eligible for Adsense and earn money online.Google Adsense is best choice for New bloggers
Earning money depends on the content of blog/website, Google Adsense targets its ads on the basis of content related. All Ads won't makes you earn lot of money...there are certain categories of tags where you can earn money depending upon the content.
Publishing and showing Google Adsense PPC ads on your blog won't makes your money to earn. There are certain simple ways to acquire marketing skills to apply for your blog.
Get perfect marketing strategies to update your traffic and add more readers to visit your blog.
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Ways to Boost Your Adsense Revenue

Written By Money Tariff on Saturday, May 12, 2012 | 8:45 AM

Most of the new blog/website  owners just waste their time by searching online how to increase revenue.
Money Tariff explaines here the ways to boost your Adsense revenue by simple tips to implement and check the errors.
Your website user Geographical location
Right placement of Google Adsense Ads on your blog/website
Adjusting Income
Your website user Geographical location
Identify location based clicks by countries on your Google Adsense Account Where you can find various country clicks income based on visitors/readers traffic.
Western courntries clicks makes your higher CPC rate and Asian countries clicks makes you low CPC rate.
So main source the Geographical location based website users. Driving Traffic from western countries makes your very high cpc rate to earn more income.
To check your users geopgraphical location, Go to and click performance tab in your Google Adsense and select "countries" link.
Just watch the lists shown image as below

Right placement of Google Adsense Ads on your blog/website
This is one of the major tip to get more click by your Google Adsense ads.
Dark Green color shows Good performance and ligh yellow tells you about least performance.

Adjusting Income
Don't think that all the advertisers bid good cost for their cpc rate. If you want to reach your blog content to all over the world and to get more readers and visitors to your blog.
The best solution is by joining on Google Adword programs, google offering $6000 free value for new signup.
Your blog/website reaches targetable readers in this best way.
You don't to pay any money for these Google Adwords "Pay money when any readers clicks on your Ad".
Just signup for Google Adwords to reach profitable visitors.
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